Wonderful Review|TOPBAND Shined at the 135th Canton Fair, Empowering the Smart Life with Intelligent Kitchen Solutions


From April 15 to 19, TOPBAND brought the core products and intelligent solutions of the home appliance sector to the 135th Canton Fair, attracting a large number of visitors to visit and exchange, bringing the ultimate smart kitchen experience to the audience.

TOBPAND's Booth Site

TOPBAND provides leading customized intelligent control solutions for the home appliance industry, and is committed to providing the brand customers with customized services from product concept, design, development to manufacturing delivery. The products mainly involve controller, motor and other categories, including home appliance master control, power control, motor drive and control, display control and complete machines, applying in various fields such as HVAC, kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, health care, lighting and smart homes.

At the exhibition, TOPBAND brought a core kitchen products matrix including embedded induction stoves, induction stoves and ceramic stoves. Through the display of core components, scene display, and classification display, TOPBAND clearly and vividly presented its smart kitchen solutions with various highlights.

Exhibition Area

Intelligent solutions meet a variety of needs

The full range of embedded induction cooker and induction cooker products independently developed by TOPBAND adopt smooth panel design, simple and beautiful, which can effectively save kitchen space and make the cooking surface cleaning easier. In addition, this series of products has also made breakthroughs in temperature control and safety. The induction cooker products on display have the functions of continuous heating, fierce fire, waste heat display and timing, which can not only carry out rapid heating and super firepower promotion, but also adjust the multi-gear temperature to meet different cooking needs such as frying, braising and frying, and realize intelligent temperature control. At the same time, this kind of product has a child lock and over-temperature protection function, which strengthens the safety protection, so that users are more assured.

Embedded Induction Cooker

Focus on optimizing the user experience
In view of the limitation that most induction stoves require specific POTS, TOPBAND specially launched embedded electric ceramic stove products, which are suitable for most POTS and pans, and deeply meet user needs. In this exhibition, TOPBAND focused on the advantages of ceramic furnace products. This series of products not only has the same temperature adjustment, child lock, timing and other functions, but also perfectly matches a variety of pot types, to further optimize the user's smart kitchen experience.

Embedded Electric Ceramic Stove

Technological innovation empowers the smart life

TOPBAND continued to pay attention to the traditional market demand, strengthened technological innovation and product upgrades, and launched a more intelligent countertop-style induction cooker. The countertop-style induction cooker on display not only strengthens the safety protection, but further upgrades the temperature regulation function, which is divided into two types: sliding control and touch control. Among them, the sliding control function allows the user to easily control the size of the fire and the temperature by sliding the touch screen, this design improves the convenience and intuitiveness of the operation as well as increasing the user's pleasure.

Countertop-style Induction Cooker

In this Canton Fair, TOPBAND deeply focused on the needs of users, brought better, updated and better smart kitchen solutions to the exhibition visitors, comprehensively optimized and upgraded the user experience, and committed to empowering smart life with intelligent technologies.

As the leader of intelligent control solutions in the home appliance industry, TOPBAND has been deeply engaged in the home appliance control industry for nearly 30 years, providing customized intelligent control and complete machine solutions for customers of the world's home appliance brands. There have been more than 200 home appliance categories equipped with TOPBAND's intelligent control solutions coming into thousands of households, providing users with a more intelligent and convenient home experience. TOPBAND looks forward to co-creating a smart future with more home appliance industry partners.