TOPBAND Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company, Jointly Supporting the Development of Green Energy in Huizhou


Feb 2, 2024, in Huizhou, China -TOPBAND (Stock Code: 002139.SZ) announced a strategic cooperation with Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company.

Signing Ceremony - Dr. Liu Tianxi (left), Director of Strategy and Marketing Center, TOPBAND and Ms. Zheng Xiuhua (right), Executive

Director of Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company.

Supporting the High-Quality Development of the New Energy Storage Industry with Deep Cooperation

Through this strategic signing, TOPBAND and Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company will combine their respective industrial layout and positioning, and collaborate in areas of new energy and carbon digital platforms, distributed photovoltaics, user-side energy storage, and "Integrated PV-ESS-EV Charging" Project, aiming to achieve the goal of "carbon reduction and lower cost", and supporting the agglomeration and development of the new energy storage industry in Huizhou City. This will further implement the development goals proposed in the Action Plan for Promoting High-Quality Development of New Energy Storage in Huizhou City, that is, in 2025, the output value of the new energy storage industry cluster in Huizhou City strives to reach RMB 180 billion, the total production capacity of energy storage batteries strives to reach 110 GWh, and the installed capacity of new energy storage strives to reach 3 million kilowatts.

Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the first level state-owned enterprise Sci-tech Innovation Group in Daya Bay Area, dedicated to playing the driving role as a state-owned enterprise in the energy storage industry since its establishment in September 2023, and promoting the rapid development of the emerging energy storage industry. As for TOPBAND, since its establishment 28 years ago, TOPBAND has been focusing on the "Four Electrics and One Network" core technologies (electric control, motor, battery, power, and IoT) , providing various customized solutions for industries of household appliances, tools, new energy, industry, and intelligent solutions. In the process of business development, TOPBAND focuses on the new energy sector, providing customers with new energy components and comprehensive solutions, achieving end-to-end closed-loop services throughout the entire process.

TOPBAND always adheres to the core value concept of "Agility, Innovation and Partnership", and builds core capabilities based on customer needs, providing customers with components and systematic solutions through its independent and controllable core technologies "1 Cell 1 Cloud 3 S" (battery cell, cloud platform, BMS, PCS, EMS). Meanwhile, TOPBAND will also fully take its solution advantages in wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage, charging, cold storage, heating, and other areas, providing comprehensive energy services for relevant scenarios for Huizhou Sci-tech Innovation New Energy Company, and implementing digital empowerment. The two parties will collaborate on the "Integrated PV-ESS-EV Charging" Project in the western region of Daya Bay, jointly enhancing the intelligence and low-carbon level of transportation in Huizhou city.

Jointly Building A Green Future by Multidimensional Layouts in the New Energy Area

Previously, TOPBAND’s "PV-ESS-EV Charging" solution had successfully delivered multiple projects in different application scenarios in Huizhou city, fully accumulating project experience. This cooperation will accelerate the enhancement of TOPBAND’s influence in the field of new energy. Among them, in September 2023, the "PV-ESS-EV Charging" integrated charging station in the Yuanshan Service Area of Huida Expressway in Huizhou, jointly built by TOPBAND and Huizhou Communications and Investment Group, has been delivered and put into use, which is the first pilot project for "PV-ESS-EV Charging" energy storage in an expressway service area built in Guangdong Province. While the delivered "PV-ESS-EV Charging Cloud" Project fully utilized TOPBAND’s independent products and services, efficiently assisting the park in achieving its goals of energy conservation, efficiency enhancement, and carbon emissions reduction.

The "Integrated PV-ESS-EV Charging" Project of Yuanshan Service Area in Huizhou

"PV-ESS-EV Charging Cloud" Micro-grid Project of the Huizhou Park, TOPBAND

This cooperation not only showcases the strong power of TOPBAND in the new energy industry, but also demonstrates the two parties’ determination to be jointly committed to promoting the development of new energy industry, and to realize a green and low carbon future. TOPBAND will continue to hold the core value concept of "Agility, Innovation and Partnership", and deeply research the new energy area, jointly promoting the high-quality development of new energy industry with industry customers and partners, building a more intelligent and low-carbon world.