Exploring Topband's Booth at the Canton Fair: Diversified Home Appliance Products Creating the Ultimate Home Experience


The Canton Fair, officially known as the China Import and Export Fair, stands as China's longest-running, largest-scale, most comprehensive, and widely participated international trade event. The 134th Canton Fair opened on October 15 at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex, boasting a vast exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters, divided into 13 sections and 55 distinct zones, and featuring participation from over 28,000 exhibitors. As a leader in intelligent control solutions in home appliance industry, Topband showcased a wide array of products, including induction cooktops and sweeping robots, to curate an unparalleled home experience for attendees.

Precision Temperature Control, Mastering Every Cooking Detail

With the increasing popularity of flameless kitchens, Topband exhibited over ten different models of induction cooktops and electric cooktops tailored to diverse cooking needs at this Canton Fair. These induction cooktops feature advanced half-bridge heating technology, providing precise temperature control and constant heating capabilities. Whether it's slow cooking at low temperatures or fast cooking at high temperatures, these cooktops effortlessly handle various culinary tasks. Topband also presented a variety of induction cooktops and electric cooktops, ranging from two-burner to four-burner, catering to the culinary requirements of individuals and multi-generational families alike.

Intelligent Optimal Routes, Leaving No Dust Behind

Home appliance intelligence has become a mainstream trend, enhancing people's lives through various smart devices. Topband showcased a diverse range of smart sweeping robots, each equipped with unique features such as large dust bags, LDS laser radar, and AI binoculars. These designs enable the robots to navigate around obstacles, prevent falls, resume cleaning from breakpoints, and intelligently plan cleaning routes. With continuous technological advancements, smart home appliances have become an integral part of modern living. Topband's introduction of various smart devices, including sweeping robots, has brought unprecedented convenience to consumers, revolutionizing the cleaning experience.

As a pioneer in intelligent control solutions in home appliance industry, Topband offers comprehensive customized services to customers, encompassing product conceptualization, design, development, manufacturing, and delivery. Topband's product portfolio spans home appliance master control, power control, motor drive and control, display control, and complete devices. Additionally, Topband provides diverse collaboration models, such as PCBA + UI, SKD, and end-devices OEM, ensuring flexibility and tailored solutions for its partners.

Since founded in 1996, Topband has dedicated to the home appliance intelligent control industry in the past three decades, providing intelligent controllers to leading global home appliance brands. Ranging from large home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines to small home appliances such as sweeping robots and electric toothbrushes, Topband's smart controllers have been used in more than 200 home appliance categories and serve families worldwide. Topband has provided many users with a smarter and more convenient home experience. Looking forward, Topband eagerly anticipates collaborating with more partners in the home appliance industry,co-innovating a smarter future.

About Topband

Topband provides diversified customized solutions for industries of home appliances, power tools, new energy, industrial and intelligent solutions, with the “four electrics and one network” technologies of electric control, motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform as its core. Topband insists on the core brand value of "Agile·Innovation·Partnership" and innovates in intelligent control technology, creating value for customers and benefiting everyone.