Topband Europe Factory Held Grand Opening Ceremony, Enhancing Global Presence


Shenzhen, China, November 10, 2023 - Topband (Stock Code: 002139.SZ) announced today that its Europe factory located in Timisoara, Romania has entered mass production phrase in the first half of 2023. The grand opening ceremony was held on November 8th. By leveraging the geographic advantage and Topband’s industry expertise, the Europe factory provides agiler, more efficient and nearby services for customers in home appliances, power tools and new energy industries. Entering the mass production phase represents Topband's enhanced capability to meet customers’ needs in Europe and global markets.



Topband Europe factory

High-profile Guests Gathered at Topband Europe Factory, Witnessing This Historic Moment

The high-profile guests participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony include:  Mr. Wu Yongqiang, Chairman of the Board at Topband (fourth from the left); Mr.Ye Prince, GM of Topband Europe (third from the right); Mr. Alexandru Constantin Proteasa, Vice Chairman of Timis County Council(third from the left).

Mr. Wu Yongqiang, Chairman of the Board

More than 60 high-profile guests joined all employees in the factory to celebrate the Europe factory is entering a new phrase. Attended guests included Mr. Wu Yongqiang, Chairman of the Board at Topband, Mr.Ye Prince, GM of Topband Europe, Mr. Alexandru Constantin Proteasa, Vice Chairman of Timis County Council, Mr. Golubov Ilie, Mayor of Remetea, Mrs. Zhu Lixia, Executive President, the Chinese Enterprises Association in Romania, other local officials and customers in Europe market.

Enhancing Global Presence, Implementing Customer Intimacy Strategy

Topband Europe Layout

For adapting to the ever-changing global market, Topband has built a global network with 15 production bases and R&D centers, forming a global supply chain system centered on Topband’s headquarters in China. The company has set up overseas factories in India, Mexico, Vietnam, and Romania to better serve customers in different markets. To execute customer intimacy strategy in Europe market, Topband has established offices in Germany, the UK and Sweden. Along with the Europe factory in Romania, Topband provides localized, agile, and efficient services to the Europe market.

Invested in Europe Market, Fostering Mutual Growth with the Local Industry and Economy

Topband established the Europe factory, actively responding to China's Belt and Road Initiative. The factory occupies an area of 10,000 square meters, and the built-up area reaches 12,000 square meters. The factory has obtained environmental permits in Romania and received ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO9001 certifications. These certifications signify recognition from local and global recognized organizations in terms of environmental standards, occupational health, product quality and safety, ensuring its regular operation and production.

Currently, Topband Europe factory has reach cooperation intentions with over ten international customers in the home appliance and power tool industries. Some of these projects have progressed to the stages of factory investigation, trial production, or mass productions. The total investment of the factory will reach around 30 million USD in the future, which will have a positive impact on local community and play a key role in Topband's global expansion.

The mass production of Topband Europe factory marks a milestone in the company's global production capacity layout. Topband is dedicated to promoting the globalization of Chinese intelligent industries, facilitating mutual growth in energy transition, technology development and economic cooperation between China and Europe. In the digital, intelligent and IoT era, Topband will continue driving globalization, createing value for global customers through intelligent control technology, and working with industry partners to make the world more intelligent and low-carbon.

About Topband

Topband provides diversified customized solutions for industries of home appliances, power tools, new energy, industrial and intelligent solutions, with the “four electrics and one network” technologies of electric control, motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform as its core. Topband insists on the core brand value of "Agile·Innovation·Partnership" and innovates in intelligent control technology, creating value for customers and benefiting everyone.

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