TOPBAND focuses on the new energy industry ecology, building a more intelligent and low-carbon world!


ShenzhenTopband Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, marking the beginning of the home appliance intelligent control industry in China. In 2007, TOPBAND was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (002139.SZ) , becoming the first listed company in the field of intelligent control in China. After more than 20 years of rapid development, the main business of TOPBAND is the research anddevelopment, production, and sales of intelligent control system solutions.With the “four electrics and one network” technology of electric control,motor, battery, power supply, and loT platform as its core, TOPBAND provides various customized solutions for industries such as home appliances, power tools, new energy, industry, and intelligent solutions.

Follow the trend of intelligent and low-carbon and uphold the operation philosophy of“long-termism”

TOPBAND has been adhering to the “long-termism” business philosophy. In the past 27years, it has been committed to creating values around “intelligence” and“low-carbon” with “four electrics and one network” intelligent technology.Hundreds of product matrices covering the four core technologies including electronic control, battery, motor and power source have been formed through continuous technical and product innovation.

Driven by the goals of emission peak and carbon neutrality, intelligence and low-carbonhave become two deterministic development trends in the future. TOPBAND actively follows the development of the times and steps into the new energybusiness as required by social development, resulting in steady enhancement of its comprehensive strength.

TOPBAND’s new energy business is mainly in small and medium-sized energy storage and newenergy vehicles, and its products include battery, power supply, electriccontrol and motor.

Promote the application of its own core technologies of cells, BMS, PCS and EMS in multiple energy storage scenarios

TOPBAND mainly provides customers with components and system solutions with its own core technologies of cells, BMS,PCS and EMS (1C3S), with a focus on residential energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and power backup storage.

TOPBAND’s residential energy storage products can provide safe, reliable and fully integrated solutions for frequency and peak regulation of the power grid, demand response, backup power source and microgrid. Industrial and commercial energystorage is an ideal choice for reducing the electricity and operation cost.TOPBAND can provide complete energy storage systems for grid-scale applicationwith LFP batteries.

TOPBAND’s portable energy storage products, integrating solar charging, storage and discharge control management technologies, have high-capacity andhigh-performance LFP batteries inside manufactured by advanced EV lithium-ionbattery process, with multiple security protection features. The product issuitable for household power supply, emergency power supply and emergencyrescue, and also provides a more comfortable power supply mode for camping ortravel.

As for communication backup power storage, TOPBAND uses the industry-leading self-developed BMS and LFP cell technology. This technology is stable, safe,integrated, intelligent and of small size, lightweight and long service life,and is easy to install and maintain. It can be widely used in places including communication base stations, data centers and public security monitoring.

Escort green and low-carbon travels with “four electrics and one network” of electronic control, motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform

TOPBAND provides the customers in the field of new energy vehicles, other special vehicles and two and three-wheelers with intelligent controllers and chargers with its integrated technology system of electronic control, motor, battery,power supply and IoT platform to support green and low-carbon development.

TOPBAND provides various charger components and complete machines for new energyvehicles to satisfy the products demands for portable, wall-mounted and DCcharging piles. TOPBAND’s EV batteries are widely used in various specialvehicles, such as E-Bikes, golf carts, forklifts and RVs, providing powersupport to all kinds of new energy vehicles.

TOPBAND provides integrated solutions on cells, BMS, PACK, HMI, motor control and cloud platform for two and three-wheelers to support green travel and facilitate the achievement of the goals of emission peak and carbon neutrality.

Innovation drives the creation of a more intelligent and low-carbon era

As a global leading provider of intelligent control solutions, TOPBAND has been devoted to developing and expanding the industry for 27 years. In the tide of intelligent and low-carbon era, TOPBAND will continue to uphold the core values of “Agility·Innovation·Partnership”, break through technical innovations,enable more industries and scenarios and create and share values with the partners to build a more intelligent and low-carbon world!