Green Battery Annual Conference, Topband back with Honors


On December 7, LNEC8, the 8th China Lithium New Energy Green Battery kicked off in Shenzhen. Hosted by the Qidian Lithium, with over 20 seminar forums, it has gathered hundreds of well-know energy storage companies to discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts about energy storage.

Together with the leading companies in the industry, Topband battery was invited to attend the annual conference. Featured products like TB4810, TB6020 and TB6032 for Low-Speed Vehicles are displayed, which meet the requirements for electric bicycles, Ebikes, electric vehicles (Two-Wheels), electric motorbikes and battery swapping. Used by the leading auto companies, our products provide a safe and convenient solution for Green Mobility.

Topband battery focuses on energy storage and Low-Speed power, our battery cells, BMS, battery PACKS are self-developed and produced to ensure their performance. Our large cylindrical cell 33138-15Ah and 40138-20Ah is suitably  adapted to portable power storage, communication backup storage, two or three electric wheels, low-speed vehicles and so on.

The annual conference also paid attention for the application of sodium electricity technology. Cell is the main sodium technology of Topband, previously our R & D team has finished technical demonstration and plenty of trial production, batch production capacity is equipped.

With outstanding product innovation, Topband Battery won the two awards as below, which represents a highly recognition of Topband battery by the energy storage industry: (Competitors including CATL, EVE and Great Power)

Top 10 Energy Storage Batteries from China of 2022

Green Battery Benchmarking Enterprise of 2022

With the goals of carbon neutrality and emission peak, our energy storage products promote the two goals. Regarding the energy storage product R&D,our unique thoughts and developing minds enable our team to create the safe, reliable and efficient products. In recent years, we Topband battery are growing faster with significant progress. Future oriented we will make efforts by always focusing green solutions for carbon neutrality and low carbon lives. Meanwhile, we are committed to become the first-class trustful lithium battery supplier in the world, making ultimate possibilities.